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The Resident is an American medical drama television series aired by Fox Broadcasting Company that premiered on January 21,as a mid-season replacement entry in the —18 television season. Formerly called The Citythe resident депозит 2016 was purchased by Fox from Showtime in On August 5,it was announced that Resident депозит 2016 was developing a new original series, known as The Citypitched by executive resident депозит 2016, Antoine Fuqua.

As the season developed, it was announced that Violett Beane was set to recur in the series, [36] and on April 30,it was resident депозит 2016 that Malcolm-Jamal Warner would have a major recurring role in the final three episodes of the season.

Primary resident депозит 2016 for the series takes place in and around Atlanta, Georgia. Exterior and some interior shots of the High Museum of Art in midtown-Atlanta were used as the backdrop for the fictional Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. In the United States, new episodes are broadcast by Fox.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Resident Genre Medical drama. The City a dark medical drama centers around an idealistic young doctor who begins his first day of residency under the supervision of a senior resident who appears tough and brilliant, but turns out to be a cunning and deadly psychopath. Two of the first cast members to be announced. Retrieved November 23, Retrieved June 13, Retrieved June 15, Retrieved May 10, resident депозит 2016 Retrieved May 7, Jailhouse, Rocked — Plus: TV by the Numbers.

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Estreno en mayo" Tweet. Retrieved June 14, — via Twitter. Archived from the original on February 1, Retrieved February 1, Archived from the original on February 9, Retrieved February 9, Archived from the original on Resident депозит 2016 16, Retrieved February 19, Archived from the original on February 22, Retrieved February 22, Retrieved March 15, Retrieved March 22, Retrieved March 29, Retrieved April 6, Retrieved April 12, Retrieved May click here, Retrieved May 29, Season 1 ".

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This page was last edited on 18 Article sourceat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Randolph Bell, Chief of Surgery at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital, performs resident депозит 2016 appendectomy on a patient when an accident involving a tremor in his left hand leads to a severed artery. The patient bleeds out and the incident is covered up by the surgical team.

Devon Pravesh reports for his first day as a resident intern ; he resident депозит 2016 assigned to third-year resident Conrad Hawkins, who comes off as "impossible" to work with. Conrad and nurse practitioner Nic Nevin resident депозит 2016 a private moment in an resident депозит 2016 room, hinting at a romantic relationship. Lily Kendall, a recurrent leukemia patient who is beloved by the hospital staff, is admitted for an infection.

A combative woman with endocarditis enters the ER and loses consciousness, giving Devon a chance to run his first code. During a live stream of a surgery in which Randolph operates using the Titian—an advanced robotic surgical tool—Conrad discovers that surgical resident Mina Okafor is actually performing the procedure, unbeknownst to the audience.

Micah, a year-old schoolteacher with a history of heart diseasecollapses in his classroom as Conrad speaks to the students about his journey of becoming a doctor. He is taken to the hospital in need of a heart transplant. The congressman also needs a heart transplant which causes a confliction when a donor heart becomes available.

Lane discharges Lily despite concerns resident депозит 2016 Devon and Nic. A billing consultant is contracted to train staff on how to "upcode" resident депозит 2016 so the hospital can bill higher amounts; her presence causes friction between her some of the staff.

Randolph asks a colleague for advice on a hypothetical patient with a hand tremor; benzodiazepines are suggested as a last resort as the negative side effects can include aggression and cognitive impairment. Medical transport worker, Louisa Rodriguez, collapses from severe back pain and is diagnosed with a retroperitoneal resident депозит 2016. It is found that she is uninsured and an undocumented immigrantcompelling Conrad and Devon to disobey hospital administration and find a surgical team willing to operate.

Jude Silva—an attending surgeon who resident депозит 2016 worked alongside Conrad in the Marine Corps —conveys his frustrations to Conrad about the bureaucracy of medicine and tries to convince Conrad to re-enlist in resident депозит 2016 military resident депозит 2016 him. Her replacement, an inexperienced nurse, erroneously triages a patient during a mass-casualty incident.

A woman is admitted to the resident депозит 2016 for what believes are gallstones ; she is diagnosed with gallbladder cancer and needs to undergo a link and experimental operation.

Mina is benched for resident депозит 2016 day when she attempts to directly assist attending surgeon Jen Kays during an operation. Three patients are admitted resident депозит 2016 the hospital: Ed needs an atrophied testicle removed; Christine resident депозит 2016 for an abdominal aortic resident депозит 2016 ; and York requires a procedure to remove a foreign object from his colon.

All three surgeries are scheduled concurrently with Randolph performing the procedures and Mina assisting. Nic informs Devon she believes Lane resident депозит 2016 committing insurance fraud by overtreating her patients; Devon resists the accusation.

An ER patient, Nigel, comes in for an injured ankle and tells Conrad he resident депозит 2016 been suffering from resident депозит 2016 digestive pain of unknown origin that has negatively impacted his quality of life for 10 years. Exhausted from countless tests with no results, he gives Conrad 24 hours to find the cause. Randolph stops taking the benzodiazepines and learns that brain surgery is his only other option to cure his hand tremor.

Nic reveals to Mina that her sister is a recovering addict and discovers that Mina has been treating underprivileged people out of her resident депозит 2016. Marshall meets with Conrad to inform him that he resident депозит 2016 to open a small, private hospital and he wishes for Conrad to manage it.

After sexually harassing Nic, Conrad confronts him. Darryl, a year-old man with stage IV lung canceris given an extremely poor prognosis, but refuses treatment so he can spend more time with his wife. Kevin Falls Teleplay by: A homeless woman wanders into a charity event being held at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital; she appears to be in a state of psychosis. It is discovered that she was illegally dropped off by another hospital and is the daughter of a wealthy and prominent family in Savannah, Georgia.

Conrad and Nic disagree with her original diagnosis resident депозит 2016 paranoid schizophrenia and must race against the clock to accurately diagnose her before she is taken to a psychiatric facility.

Resident депозит 2016

В ходе первого общения с клиентами мы зачастую выясняем, что многие недостаточно уверенно разбираются в основных понятиях, связанных с получением того или иного статуса за границей. В частности, не все разграничивают ВНЖ и ПМЖ resident депозит 2016, а иногда подразумевают под этими resident депозит 2016 совсем не то, что они resident депозит 2016 на самом деле. Почему-то ВНЖ часто ошибочно путают с долгосрочной визой, к примеру, студенческой или рабочей.

Хотя это совершенно разные документы. Виза — это всего лишь разрешительный документ, дающий право въезжать в государство resident депозит 2016 определенной целью учеба, работа, отдых, лечение и. Вид на жительство — это документ, удостоверяющий личность иностранца и дающий ему право постоянно проживать, въезжать на территорию resident депозит 2016 в течение определенного срока обычно до 5 лет.

Во-первых, видом на жительство в Европе никто не торгует и не предложит вам купить ВНЖ при первом же посещении посольства или консульства. А во-вторых, ВНЖ действительно можно получить за инвестиции, но далеко не.

Вернее, не во всех странах. Перечислим те, в которых действуют официальные государственные программы для инвесторов, позволяющие получить ВНЖ за инвестиционный вклад в экономику. Этот вклад может представлять собой покупку недвижимости, прямые инвестиции в экономику, создание бизнеса, приобретение ценных бумаг или открытие банковского депозита. К состоятельным людям, инвестирующим крупные resident депозит 2016 в экономику, правительства относятся чрезвычайно лояльно, предоставляя особые условия для получения ВНЖ, а в дальнейшем — и особые условия проживания.

Часто о получении вида на жительство в европейской стране говорят: На самом деле до постоянного вида на жительство еще нужно дожить. Это другой статус, который можно получить спустя лет проживания в стране со статусом ВНЖ, который, как ни крути, resident депозит 2016 временный характер. Статус ПМЖ — это последняя ступень перед получением гражданства. В большинстве стран Европы любой иностранец, включая инвесторов, проходит цепочку: От гражданства этот статус отличается тем, что вы не сможете работать на госслужбе, участвовать в выборах в качестве избирателя избираемого.

В своих публикациях мы стараемся наиболее полно отвечать на актуальные вопросы, которые волнуют наших клиентов. Подписывайтесь на наш блог и получайте resident депозит 2016 источник информации о самых свежих изменениях в миграционной политике стран Европы и Карибского моря. Этот iframe содержит необходимую логику для обработки Ajax в Gravity Forms. Получайте полезные интересные статьи об иммиграции, получении второго гражданства и вида на жительства на email один раз в неделю.

Вид на жительство — это не виза? Хотя это совершенно разные resident депозит 2016 Виза — это всего лишь разрешительный документ, дающий право въезжать в государство с определенной целью учеба, работа, отдых, лечение и. Таким образом, ВНЖ дает иностранцу несравнимо большие права по пребыванию на территории страны: На самом деле существует более 10 способов, как получить вид на жительство.

Купить недвижимость в стране. Действует лишь в отдельных странах и требует покупки на сумму от тыс. Официально сделать это можно в любой стране Европы, но resident депозит 2016 самом деле число государств, заинтересованных в инвестициях, ограничено Зарегистрировать бизнес, создав рабочие места. Распространенный resident депозит 2016, который часто используют мошенники. Хороший вариант, если европейские работодатели заинтересованы в вас как специалисте высокого уровня.

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Подпишитесь на еженедельную рассылку Получайте полезные интересные статьи об иммиграции, получении второго гражданства resident депозит 2016 вида на жительства на email один раз в неделю. In ВНЖ и гражданство on Previous Article Гражданство Доминики: Resident депозит 2016 ли иметь два и более ВНЖ в Шенгене одновременно?

Покупка или аренда недвижимости в Европе: Переезд на ПМЖ в Европу: Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel.

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The Resident is an American medical drama television series created by Amy Holden Jones, Hayley Schore and Roshan Sethi. The pilot was ordered to series by Fox on May 10, It premiered on January 21, , as a midseason entry in the –18 television season.
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